Puppy doesn't care what anyone else thinks, walks out with a bag of dog food (video)

We’ve all heard the stories about people robbing stores while wearing animal masks to conceal their identities. Well, if this is one of those stories, it’s the world’s shortest robber and most realistic costume yet! It’s not, though. This little shoplifter doesn’t care who knows who he is.
Actually, he may not have done anything illegal at all. He trots confidently out of the store with a bag of food in his mouth, but for all we know, maybe he paid for it. Or perhaps his owner has a charge account and regularly sends the little messenger to pick up his order. It could happen!
This little lowrider dog has a bold, fearless trot that he maintains as he leaves the store with his prize. If the bag was any bigger, he wouldn’t be able to carry it at all—it’s as tall as he is!
There is ample evidence of dogs shoplifting all around the world. Though dogs are generally not allowed in establishments that serve food, there are plenty of stores that welcome dogs inside. Only, they’re usually with their owners.
A husky was arrested by police in South Carolina when he was caught on surveillance video twice sneaking in with customers and leaving with dog toys, which he buried behind a local car wash.
This little dog proves that carrying off plunder isn’t limited to any particular breed, although the preponderance of videos I watched featured huskies. In one, the owners took the dog back to apologize and pay for the stolen rawhide bones he had taken.
This little fellow just trots away with the bag of food dangling from his mouth and he doesn’t even put it down when he stops to relieve himself on a bush along the way. It’s obvious that this isn’t the first time he’s carried off this canine caper!
So what do you think? Is he a thief or a law-abiding citizen just doing his grocery shopping? You tell me!
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