Woman saves earless cat nobody wanted. The act changed her life forever

Otitis found himself homeless at nine and a half after he developed cysts in his ears. Though cured when his ears were amputated, Otitis was left deaf. His previous owners, unable to pay for his medical care, were forced to give him up to a no-kill shelter, the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore. But no one wanted to adopt a deaf, earless cat. Poor Otitis was left waiting and wondering if he would ever find his forever home.
Molly Lichtenwalner was a graduate student who had developed a major anxiety disorder after a car accident. She decided to adopt a pet to ease her anxiety and to give a home to an unwanted cat. She intentionally looked for an older cat, one with special needs that would make it harder to adopt. Going on PetFinder, she discovered Otitis and ended up adopting him on March 7, 2016. She was the only person who ever applied for him.
She had hoped to help a cat with whom she could establish a cuddly and affectionate bond. But Otitis turned out to be even more outgoing and friendly than expected. As soon as she brought him home, he immediately bonded with her and became a devoted lapcat.
And headcat.
And watchkitty.
And the dread nemesis of computers of all kinds.
He's everywhere.
Even the bathtub.
She eventually registered him as her official Emotional Support Animal on July 20. She and Otitis now help other kitties, such as two kittens from Cairo who had their ears chopped off by their owner, get adopted.
Otitis is a cat hero and doesn't he know it!

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