Big dog doesn't leave his friend behind, carries little kitten upstairs with him

We love animal friends, but we especially love mismatched pairs of animal friends. Different species, different sizes, we love them all. Good news if you do too - this video features possibly the cutest mismatched pair on the entire Internet.
The video starts with a german shepherd that towers over his bite-sized kitten friend. He is clearly totally smitten with her, and is watching her struggle up the stairs that are much taller than she is. At first he lets her go on her own, especially after their owner tells him to.
But of course he can't take it anymore. She needs help! She's just an itty bitty thing and those stairs are ginormous for her. So he does what any good friend would do - he helps.
At first it's a little worrying, because he takes her up in his giant mouth and it's a little worrying for her safety. However, according to Dog Time, german shepherds are intelligent, devoted, and extremely skilled at basically anything you ask them to do. What a perfect companion!
Of course as soon as they make it to the top, he gently puts her down and nuzzles right up to her. We love it! If you want to see some more adorable unlikely animal friends, check out one of our favorite articles by National Geographic.
Last but not least, don't forget to watch the video below! And share this around with all your animal-loving friends.

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