Nobody wanted to adopt this shelter cat, but cat has a way to get everyone's attention

Any time spent in a shelter is stressful for animals who've been abandoned, surrendered or injured. But that time can become interminable and frustrating for shelter residents who've been there for an extended period. One of those residents is a cat named Sigmund.
Sigmund, a three-year old cat, had been at Cat Haven WA in Western Australia for months. He had been adopted into one home but was returned after a few weeks because he was deemed "too rough" when he played with his new owners.
Months passed, but still, no one wanted to give Sigmund a home, despite the fact that he was full of personality and energy. So Sigmund got tired of waiting and decided to take his future into his own paws.
Sigmund started licking the window of his kitty nook whenever people were walking past it, including potential adopters. Cat Haven WA decided to start taking pictures of Sigmund's technique and posting them on their Facebook page in hopes of finding him a forever home.​
The shelter wrote: "Sigmund is getting up to some odd tactics to try and find his new owners...turns out you won't just adopt a cat, but you'll get a window washer as well. If you like a bit of an oddball, Sigmund is up for adoption now."
Sigmund's photos went viral, and people all over the world fell in love with him and his quirky habit. Finally, Sigmund's tactic worked! At the age of four, he found a family that he connected with, and they brought him home from the shelter.​
Now Sigmund is the king of his new home, and can often be found acting, well, in a decidedly Sigmund-esque way! His new owners told Cat Haven WA:
"He's settled in as well as can be expected, given he was 4 when he moved in.
He's as mad as a hatter.
"Try making a bed with him and it's a great game for him. He loves to climb on things and just before typing this he took a flying leap at a 6 feet tall cupboard and missed. Has not grasped that he is too small to leap that high from the floor.
"He gets into mischief just as any other cat does. In the past few months he quite enjoys a lap now but only on his terms, typical cat. When he runs through the house doing 'maddies' his fail fluffs out as much as it can and you need to beware when the Persian look is happening. It's so funny. He's very playful and regularly the kitchen bench tops of a morning have paw prints where he's had a wander."
It looks like Sigmund found the perfect forever home for his wonderfully unique personality. Congratulations, Sigmund!
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