Soldier is about to come home after drills. Cat has been waiting so long, knows just what to do

The internet is full of moving videos of dogs welcoming their military owners home from service. But what about the videos of the cats? It turns out that cats can be just as, if not more, effusive in showing their affection to their owners as dogs can. Finn, the Ragdoll cat, is a perfect example!
The video below features Finn, a large, long-haired cat, pacing around his kitchen, meowing anxiously and looking toward the door. He is waiting for someone, and his cries gain urgency as he begins to hear the sounds of movement from the staircase below.
The woman filming the video asks Finn, "Who's coming?" and then tells the excited cat, "It's Daddy, isn't it? He's coming. Get excited!" And that's exactly what Finn does!
The cat waits for what seems like forever until he hears the keys jingling outside the door. Finn's meows become louder, and his tail wags back and forth slowly. Finally, the door opens and his owner, Nick, walks through it carrying his belongings.
Finn happily meows and walks around the box of items as his owner places them on the floor. Nick turns to the cat and says, "What's going on?" Seeing Finn at his feet, Nick extends his arms wide and greets his cat, "Buddy!"
Without hesitation, Finn makes a giant leap up into Nick's arms, happily meowing and purring. As he lounges there getting lots of love from Nick, Nick's girlfriend says, "It's a good homecoming." Finn meows in agreement!
We couldn't agree more, Finn, and we're glad you've got your beloved owner back with you for awhile. Cats are often cast as standoffish and cold, but Finn is proof that cats can love their people as much as dogs can!
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