Tiny 4-year-old shows she can control these large pit bulls

Pit bulls have had a bad rap since the 1980s, when dog fighting, though illegal, resurfaced and became popular. Indiscriminate breeding by people who wanted to cash in on the craze led to poorly bred dogs that were desired to be vicious. Because of this terrible enthusiasm for dangerous dogs as well as the myth that the pit bull had a “lock jaw,” people began to believe the hype about the breed. Breed bans followed, even to the point that in some communities, law enforcement could seize and kill pit bull type dogs without warning and without compensation to their owners.
Before the 80s, pit bulls were considered America’s favorite dog. Think of the dog in the Little Rascals movies, Buster Brown’s dog “Tige,” and the RCA Victor dog. At one point, athletes were called “pit bulls,” and it was meant as a compliment. So what’s the truth? Affectionate, intelligent dog, or killing machine?
Take note that the little girl in this video is only four years old. She is not terribly unusual, except when you see her handle six male pit bulls, all by herself.
It’s feeding time, and the little girl is tasked with feeding the dogs and making sure they behave. Would you ask your four year old to take on this job?
First things, first, though. The tiny child tells the dogs to sit, and then, delightfully, thanks them by name when they do!
But when two of the dogs just stand there after being told to sit, she gets firm. Clapping her little hands, she calls them individually and tells them to sit. Surprisingly, they do.
Now, lest you think the dogs aren’t really hungry, note the black dog licking his chops!
Once everyone is seated, she begins to pour the food out on the floor. First one big bowl full, and then a second. The dogs are interested, but remain sitting.
After the second bowl is poured out, the little girl spreads the food out a bit, which will give each dog more room.
Standing there with the food within reach, the tot says, “Are you ready? One, two, three…” and with a giant clap of her teeny hands, she says, “Okay!”
Six full-grown, male pit bulls calmly gather ‘round to have their meal, while the little girl dances around behind them.
If you are like many people, this video will be eye-opening for you. If a four year old can handle all those “vicious” dogs, maybe they don’t deserve their reputation. Maybe people need to follow the advice of the narrator who says at the end, “Enjoy your pit bull!”
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