Kitty is alone in the bathroom. Now watch her amazing poses in front of the mirror

Whoever first said “Vanity, thy name is woman” (no, Shakespeare said Frailty, thy name is woman), obviously never had a cat. Or at least never had one like Sox. She gives rise to the idea that cats are enamored with themselves. At least Sox is!
Standing on the bathtub, Sox catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror over the sink. With amazement, she looks once, again, and then decides to pose.
Scientists have tried experiments to see if animals are “self aware,” meaning that they would recognize the image in the mirror as a reflection of themselves. Some species of mammals—dolphins, elephants and chimpanzees—actually do recognize themselves. It may be because these animals rely on sight quite a bit. Dogs and cats, however, are more attuned to smell. Since the animal in the mirror has no smell, they quickly ignore it.
But Sox seems to be very interested in the image in the mirror. First, she stands up to see better. Perhaps it is the movement across the room that first catches her attention.
As she raises herself up on her back feet to get a better look, she certainly seems to be trying to find her perfect pose!
Sox watches herself move around and seems to be trying to get a better look.
Waving her feet, she watches in “other cat” wave back. Then she pauses, perhaps waiting for her reflection to make the next move.
When nothing further happens, she stands up again and watches to see what will happen.
Sox doesn’t get tired of watching herself in the mirror. Maybe she’s the prettiest thing she’s ever seen!
What do you think? Is Sox watching herself pose? Does she think the “other cat” is real? Do you believe that animals like cats and dogs can recognize themselves in the mirror, or do they think the reflection is someone to play with? Watch this video and then let us know what you think in the comments.
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