Owner says: 'What my beagle does when we're not home."

Do you ever wonder what your little one does when you're not home? You may think they sleep all day, or stare out the window. Maybe you have a secret wish that it's like Toy Story, and they can talk when you're not around. Whatever they do, we can almost guarantee that they don't do what this hilarious beagle does.
This little guy is the most clever dog we've seen - and the hungriest! His owner walked in on him chowing down on her dinner one night, so she decided to set him up with some chicken nuggets in the oven and see if he did it again.
Well clearly, he couldn't resist. According to Dog Time, beagles are super fun loving, but can be pretty stubborn and require pretty extensive training. And of course, their strength is the most obvious one: their nose!
But how strong is their sense of smell, exactly? Believe it or not, Pet Helpful states that their sense of smell is 45 times stronger than a humans. Forty-five! No wonder he couldn't resist those chicken nuggets.
Watching this little guy figure out how to get up on the table and get to his prize is amazing - you have to watch it below! And share this with your family and friends who want to be amazed!
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