At first, dog doesn't recognize owner who lost 50 pounds. Then, he sniffs him and it's game over

Shane Godfrey of Sanford, North Carolina has had a rough year and it's kept him away from his beloved dog Willie for over a month. In February 2017, Godfrey got the flu. The flu quickly led to other health complications. He eventually ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia, kidney failure, sepsis and encephalitis. He was very sick and almost didn't make it. In the process, he lost 50 pounds.
Willie stayed with Godfrey's sister for the five weeks Godfrey was in the hospital. When Godfrey got out, he visited Willie in a park, where he was meeting his family and friends. They took a video of what happened next.
At the first, the reunion didn't go well. Willie was very confused. He didn't recognize Godfrey because Godfrey had lost so much weight and began barking at his old friend. Even when Godfrey spoke to him, Willie didn't recognize his voice.
It wasn't until Godfrey's sister brought Willie close enough to sniff Godfrey that Willie realized the truth – his friend was restored to him.​
At that point, Willie went mad with joy. He threw himself at Godfrey, and wiggled and licked all over him. They he ran off to play with his favorite toy. All was right with the world again.
Godfrey is a hero and daddy to Willie. He took Willie in back in the spring of 2016 when the lost puppy showed up on his porch. Willie is now back with Godfrey. Godfrey says they are closer than ever and that Willie won't let him out of his sight. He doesn't want to lose his best friend again.

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