Couple adopts dog before meeting it. The moment the trailer door opens, they lose it

In 2011, Tracy Whyatt and her husband Scott began to work with the ASPCA's National Relocation Initiative to transport rescued dogs with pending euthanasia dates, rehabilitate them, and relocate them to other areas of the country.
Inspired by this program, Tracy started her own not-for-profit company called Tracy's Dogs, which focused on saving Texas-based dogs in kill shelters. The organization arranged forever homes for the pups and transported them to new homes in other states.
Teaming up with national retailer Petsmart, Tracy's Dogs has experienced great success, with over 3,700 dogs adopted so far. Liz Grabartis, the Operations Director of Tracy's Dogs, says, "We take [those] that are right now housed in high-kill shelters ... and we pull them and take them to our facility in San Antonio, and we rehabilitate them, get them healthy, get them ready to be adopted."
From that point, the dogs' potential new owners go through a pre-adoption process. Once the new home has been approved, the dogs are transported to a location in the Northeast where the owners get to meet their dogs for the first time.
The video below shares one such meeting in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Grabartis notes, "Rescuing any animal is so important. No dog or cat or any animal really deserves to be mistreated or on the streets, so if people can find it in their hearts to rescue and not purchase [it makes a huge difference]."
Multiple couples and families get to meet their new adoptee in the video. As soon as the trailer doors open and the dogs are handed out, many couples waiting for a puppy are in tears or nearly so. One adopter said, as her husband held their new dog in his arms, "I don't have any words. I'm so excited!"
By adopting through an organization like Tracy's Dogs, the new owners are making room for other dogs to find homes. As soon as one truckload of dogs has been adopted out, the Whyatts immediately go back to the Texas shelters to save more dogs and start the process all over again.
Thank you to the Whyatts, the adopters, and all animal rescuers for their incredible dedication and compassion. Interested in adopting from Tracy's Dogs? You can check their Facebook page of adoptable dogs here. Meanwhile, share this beautiful video with your animal-loving friends and family on Facebook!