Owner surprises dog with a new 'costume'

It was a few days before Halloween in 2016. Little did Jolene, a bubbly young Golden Retriever, know that her canine dreams were about to come true. It may have been Halloween, but Christmas was about to come for this dog.
Jolene's favorite toy is Gumby, the famous green claymation figure who had his own show in the 1950s. In a cute video from YouTube below, Jolene is playing with her beloved Gumby when she hears a noise. She looks up from her toy to see her human dad (Ben Mesches) come in, dressed as the rubbery green giant. For a moment, Giant Gumby stops and just looks at her.
Jolene is startled, to say the least. ​
As her human mom (Emily Crisp) looks on, filming and giggling, Jolene stands up, tentatively wags her tail, then jumps all over Giant Gumby, giving him a good tongue washing and the occasional bark.
Ben Mesches
Jolene's Black Lab sibling Newbie gets in on the act, too. Jolene is thrilled. She has finally met and licked her idol. This is the stuff dog dreams are made of. It is the dog equivalent of getting an autograph.
Ben Mesches (AKA Giant Gumby) put the cute video up on October 27, 2016 and it went viral the very next day, hitting several major news outlets. As a follow-up, he also posted a reprise video from his own POV on December 31. He wished everyone a Happy New Year while being tackled and licked by his beloved pooches following a short absence.
It's safe to say that Jolene and Newbie are very lucky pups.

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