Woman was visiting her son's grave when she spots the friendliest bird. So, she reaches her hand out

Marie Robinson from Waterlooville, Hampshire in England experienced a parent's worst nightmare when she lost her four-year-old son Jack to a brain tumor on April 1, 2014. He had only been diagnosed the previous January. He left behind three sisters and a twin brother. She decided to commemorate his death by visiting his grave three years later on April 1, 2017.
It was a bright, sunny day. Hoping to make a connection with his spirit, she spoke out loud, asking her son to show her a sign that he was there. Then a robin (her family's namesake) came and landed on her foot. It also flew around her, utterly tame. Curious and hopeful, she began filming it to see what it would do.
She gasped as she saw the robin land on her son's headstone. When she reached out to it, the little bird flew over and landed on her fingers for several seconds before flying away. In tears, Marie believed that it was a sign from Jack from beyond the grave.
In English folklore, robins may be associated with death and, in some cultures, guide spirits to the other side. Marie has said that Jack was associated with robins by their family. On the video, she can be heard telling the robin, "You're looking after him."
Marie uploaded the video and it quickly went viral, gaining almost 14 million hits so far and many messages of support. She later told British newspaper The Mirror that the bird returned after the video and also landed on her shoulder and nibbled her. This friendly little robin comforted this grieving mum and helped her find peace with her son's death.

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