Owner just came out of the shower, but kitty was ready to bust out a big move

What’s your morning routine like? Shower, brush your teeth, put on your makeup and do your hair? Okay, that pretty much sums up what mornings are like for most of us.
But this little lady has a bit of an unusual start to her day, although judging from her total acceptance of the situation, I’d say it’s not a bit unusual for her!
As soon as she gets herself in front of the bathroom mirror, ready to start her morning ritual…
...her cat joins in! Leaping from somewhere outside the frame, he lands smack dab on top of her towel-clad head and makes himself right at home.
With a gentle smile, the lady continues getting ready for the day with the cat’s tail acting like a windshield wiper on her face.
Throughout the morning routine, the black-and-white cat maintains his perch on top of the towel-crowned woman, changing position but never losing his balance. Meanwhile, the lady goes about brushing her teeth and getting ready.
It makes me wonder what her day will be like. Will the woman stay home and let the cat monitor everything she does? Will she leave for work, leaving the cat to his own devices? And if so, what will the cat do all day?
Whatever will be, this is obviously a very happy relationship between a woman and her cat. And relationships like that are easy to come by … if you don’t mind a cat on your head!
What do you think? The video is rather funny. Did it make you laugh? Do you have a pet at home that is this clingy? Does it make you feel how much you are loved? Tell us in the comments!
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