Pup was taking a nap in the backseat of car when his favorite song comes on

Oakley is a gorgeous Australian Shepherd who loves riding in the car. He snoozes in the backseat while his owner goes about daily errands, listening to the radio while the dog relaxes. Nothing disturbs Oakley…
...until his favorite song comes on over the airwaves. Then, Oakley comes alive!
Most dogs love to go for rides in cars. Sometimes they hang their heads out the window and drink in the smells of the city or countryside around them. Sometimes they stick their heads over the seats and lick the driver’s ears and face.
But not Oakley. He finds a nap in the backseat is just the thing. Eyes closed against the light and completely laid back, he sleeps his time away.
He only snoozes until his favorite song comes on the radio, though. When Disney’s “Let It Go” starts to play, Oakley wakes right up. He listens for a few heartbeats and then begins to sing along!
So why do dogs “sing"? Even though dog and human hearing is similar at lower frequencies, the upper limit of a dog’s hearing varies a great deal. Is Oakley hearing sounds in the music that he can hear but the driver can’t?
Perhaps that’s true in some cases, but in this instance, it seems that Oakley just likes the song.
He tilts his head back and softly joins in the chorus with a gentle wooo-oooo.
How do we know he’s just singing along? Because…
...when his favorite song is over, he yawns and goes right back to sleep.
What do you think? Watch the video and then give us your opinion in the comments. Is Oakley singing alongor just howling because of sounds he can hear but we can’t?
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