Footage proves pit bull loves the ice cream truck more than anything all summer long

This adorable pit bull from a Rumble Viral video in May 2016 (see below) has a big sweet tooth and just loves ice cream. Fortunately for him, there's an ice cream truck patrolling his neighborhood that caters to vanilla-loving puppies just like him. And it plays "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain."
As soon as he hears the music, he comes running up, tail wagging hopefully, to the Donkey Kone ice cream truck ("the best in town!"), where another puppy is already being treated to a vanilla cone by his owner. As a friendly neighbor stands by with a video camera, filming the entire cute scene, the pit bull's mom comes up soon after, calling out to him and greeting the other dog owner. They both know what their puppies want.
"Who wants ice cream?" she asks the pit bull. As her dog jumps around excitedly, then sits politely to receive his treat, she buys him a soft serve cone and gives it to him.
The cone doesn't last very long. He eats it in two or three bites and runs back for more as the video ends. ​
He doesn't get another cone, but it was worth a try.
"You lucky puppy!" his mommy tells him as she feeds him the cone and she's not wrong. Nothing tastes better than a nice cool ice cream on a hot day.
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