Mailman takes time every day to cuddle misunderstood dog, even if he has no mail to deliver

Michael Collins shares his life with a big German shepherd in New Zealand. Every day, a special postal worker comes by on his bicycle to deliver mail, and he always stops — even when he has no posts for Collins.
Unknown to the mailman, Collins has a hidden camera that captures his daily interaction with the beautiful dog. And that’s doubly appreciated because this German shepherd is often misunderstood. According to his owner, people think that his dog is unapproachable, perhaps even dangerous. So when the postman takes the time to cuddle this huge dog, it’s twice welcomed.
New Zealand’s postal workers follow their routes on bicycles, which makes it easy for them to dismount when they deliver the mail. This postman has more on his mind than mail, though.
Dogs are notorious for barking at mailmen and sometimes getting aggressive with them, too. Why this is so, dog lovers have wondered for as long as dogs and postmen have been on the same planet. Some people think they’re being protective of their territory. Dogs have no way of knowing that even if they didn’t bark, the intruder would soon go away. So when they bark and the mailman goes away, they think they’ve successfully kept their territory safe.
However, this dog and this postal worker actually look forward to their daily interaction, and from the video below, you can understand why.
Ear scratches and belly rubs aside, their relationship is one of mutual respect and affection.
For a feel-great start to your day, watch this video and share it with your Facebook friends. This twosome breaks all the preconceived notions about the supposed intractable liaison between dogs and mailmen. What do you think? Is your dog aggressive toward delivery people? Maybe it’s time to introduce them and change the relationship!
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