Labrador could make history with these loud farts

Feed a dog the wrong dog food, and you could have a surprisingly boisterous ruckus on your hands. Like setting off a rocket, some animals just seem to impress even polite society with their explosive flatulence!
There are two labrador retrievers in this video, but watching the chocolate lab leaves no doubt as to who is creating the disturbance in the room. His reaction to his own wind is downright funny.
At first, he simply ignores the whole thing. Maybe no one will notice.
But when his human does indeed notice, the dog buries his face in the arm of the couch as though he’s embarrassed. Do dogs get embarrassed? I think anyone who has ever owned a dog can answer that one. In fact, all you have to do is look at that face for an answer to that question.
After more of the same, the lab looks forlornly at the camera, as if to say, “You’re embarrassing me. Turn that thing off!”
When it continues to happen, the camera focuses on the dog’s rear end. We all know what is coming out, but does the camera operator really expect to see something? "Ghostbusters," anyone?
Finally, the dog seems to think the whole thing is overblown (pun intended) and simply lies down.
If you liked the fart-gun from "Despicable Me," you’re gonna love this video! I bet your social media buddies will get a kick out of it, too. Just don’t show it where your dog can see it. Just in case he’s embarrassed for the whole dog species!

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