19 cats that prove why cats are so awesome

Some people are cat people, and some are dog people. I personally prefer dogs, although the video below made me re-examine my beliefs that dogs are superior. When it comes to the way these cats manage their world, I'm not so sure dogs can compete!
Whether it's taking on something that's way bigger and supposedly meaner than the sweet little purring kitten in your lap or getting into whatever they want, these nineteen cats will positively eat your lunch!
Trying to keep a cat inside of what she wants out of, or outside of what she wants into, is often a lesson in futility. As this cat shows, it takes nothing at all for her to figure out how to exit a carrier designed to hold a cat.
And a closed screen door is no match for this determined feline who simply climbs to the top and forces her way inside!
It's said that you can keep wild animals away from your campsite by lighting a fire. That may be true of wild animals, but domestic cats have no such qualms!
Fire certainly doesn't intimidate this cat, who jumps easily and with confidence through a ring of fire!
And getting around is no problem at all when you are a cat with a skateboard. Just lie down, stick one foot out, and give a little push.
I've heard it said that teaching a cat to relieve herself on a toilet is not hard. I guess they're pretty smart at that!
Influencing the outcome of a basketball game is something this cat does rather handily. For an animal with paws instead of hands, she sure knows how to use them well!
I've just given you a tiny taste of the amazing things the cats in this video do. Even if you're a dog lover, like me, you'll find yourself admiring these resourceful felines. Watch with your buddies and post to your friends on Facebook. Then tell us which cat gets your vote for the most bodacious one!
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