A simple trick gets this dog to eat her kibble every time

Luna is a Golden Retriever who doesn't like her food. Ever. She simply is NOT going to eat it. After all, how appetizing is kibble? Would YOU eat the stuff? Well, neither will she. Period. End of discussion.
Until she does. Her family has found a rather unique way to get their fluffy golden girl to wolf her meal down with gusto! And you might laugh when you see how simple it is to change Luna's mind about her dinner.
Mom picks up the bowl and takes it to the kitchen. Setting it on the stove, she readies the oven. Maybe if Luna sees it come from the oven, she'll think it's people food. Will it work?
With Luna keeping a close eye on things, Mom puts her food in the oven. She does this with every meal, because otherwise Luna won't eat.
Setting the oven for one minute (one minute!) she and Luna patiently wait.
Although lack of appetite may be caused by a number of factors, including poor health, Luna is healthy. Figuring out if there's a physical reason for a pet's sudden loss of appetite should involve your veterinarian. But with Luna, her adverse reaction to her kibble isn't sudden. It's every day, every meal.
Luna watches the oven. It is soup yet?
If your dog is a picky eater, examine your feeding habits. Does he get table scraps or extra treats during the day? He may decide to hold out for those tastier bites.
When Mom removes the food from the stove, Luna suddenly has an appetite! Yum! She can hardly wait for her food to be put down on the floor.
Now Luna goes after her food with gusto! Have they tricked her into thinking she's getting a home cooked meal? Chances are, the minute in the oven has simply added some warmth and released the aroma and flavor that makes the kibble more appetizing. Whatever the reason, Luna's a happy puppy!
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