Dog misses his foster mom so much, he took matters into his own hands

Geoffrey was a sweet chihuahua who needed a forever home. His foster mom from Pinky Paws ResQ, a dog rescue in Fowler, Calif., found him a great one in July 2017, and off he went after an emotional goodbye. Unfortunately, after nearly 18 months with her, Geoffrey missed his foster mom so much that he ran away from his new home to find her!
The anxious pup was trying to get back to his foster home and mom, to whom he had become so attached. But he was just a little pup in a big city and got lost along the way.
His foster mom went out every night looking for him, putting out the word to see if anyone had spotted him. She eventually got a report that he was in a warehouse. She went to see, and there he was. He was hiding under a flatbed, too scared to come out. He'd been there almost since he had run away and had gotten trapped.
She was eventually able to coax him out from under the flatbed.
He went back home with her, skinny, dirty, stressed out, but otherwise okay.
After some soul-searching, she decided that although Geoffrey's new home was very nice, it wasn't for him. She decided to keep him. Now Geoffrey's so happy that he's singing!
Want to help Pinky Paws Resq and the other 115 dogs who need a forever home? Make a donation or offer to foster at its website or on the rescue's Facebook page.
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