Cat returned to shelter 5 times for being too 'demanding.' See where it is now

In 2015, Reddit user ncarbell adopted a black and white tuxedo cat named James Bean from San Francisco Animal Control in California. James had already been returned to the shelter five times for being "too demanding." His new owner didn't quite know what this meant but decided to take him home anyway.
James, though friendly, was initially wary of his new surroundings, like most cats. After all, he had been through this process five times already. What if his new owner took him back? He had to check out the territory to make sure it was safe.
After considerable prowling and sniffing around, James discovered that he could take over his new owner's entire bed at one stretch.​
The hamper and a pad on a chair under the kitchen table proved to be hot spots to hang out.
James is fond of sleeping with his rainbow sausage toy.
He also really likes arugula.
So, James settled right in to his new home. Two years later, his owner says that "too demanding" apparently translates to being the most loving cat he ever had. James is just a huggable bundle of fur.
The journey has not been entirely without bumps, though. In 2016, James developed a bladder blockage that nearly killed him. Bladder crystals are not unusual in young male cats, and they can be deadly if untreated. Fortunately, a stay at the vet and James was cured.
Now, he spends as much time as he can with his favorite human.

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