Dog's Dad builds a tiny room underneath stairs. Dog couldn't be happier in the last photo

To David Maceo of Florida, Hennessey, his 6-year-old French bulldog, means everything to him. The proof of this statement can be found under the staircase in Maceo's home, where he built his dog a private bedroom.
Before closing on their new home and moving in, Maceo, his wife, and Hennessey had to stay with his wife's mother. The residence was a bit too small and stifling for the dog, and Maceo felt sorry for his pup.
"I felt kind of bad that we didn’t have a lot of space," explained Maceo. "So when we moved I decided to give Hennessy his own room."
In the new home, Maceo scouted around for a place to construct a room just for Hennessey. He suspected that there might be a hollow space underneath the main staircase.
"I had a little camera, and I stuck it in there to see if there was enough space for him," Maceo said. "I ended up breaking a little hole in the wall, and it went on from there."
Maceo worked to clear out the space and then matched the trim with the rest of the home, so it looked as if the little room had always been there.
After the construction was finished, Maceo began the decorating process. He hung pictures on the walls of Hennessey's room. "There are pictures of him and his brother; he passed a year ago," Maceo said. "On the other side, there’s a picture of him and a picture of me and my wife. There's another picture of my father and mother."
Towards the end of the project, Maceo worried that Hennessey might not like the room. Thankfully, that was a concern that was soon forgotten as Hennessey took to the little room right away.
"He loves it," said Maceo. "He feels protected under the stairs. He finds it very comforting. It's the perfect place for him."​
The weeks of hard work were more than worth it as far as Maceo is concerned. "He’s the best dog," Maceo said. "He’s like a son to me."
Indeed, Hennessey looks like a very comfortable, happy dog in his new room! Share this story about Maceo's love for his dog with your family and friends on Facebook.
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