Little baby husky thinks he can talk. Mom just can't keep it in

Dogs have their own Bill of Rights, and one right that huskies seem to take very seriously is their right to free speech. Whether it's gossip about another dog, just wanting to share their opinions, or feeling like they absolutely must speak their minds, this Siberian breed seems to need to vocalize loudly and often.
So what do they talk about? Well, whether it's the latest bit of juicy news about the dog in the next apartment complex, airing his grievances at the local dog park, or broadcasting his opinions or sharing his thoughts about things in general, huskies rate near the top of "most talkative breeds."
Baby Ramsey is a Siberian Husky with a penchant for sharing what's on his mind. So whether he's yapping through dinner or while on a walk or waking his human up at 2:00 to relate something he forgot to say earlier, Ramsey keeps up his running commentary.
Those breeds that seem to vocalize are also usually outgoing, gregarious extroverts. They tend to be friendly and engaging, making some of the best canine companions.
Ramsey is a canine conversationalist who could have his own talk show. Like many of his breed, he sometimes seems to be trying to imitate human speech. Some people think that huskies are smart enough to learn a limited vocabulary of words, like Mishka the husky, who can be coaxed into saying "I love you!"
Whatever Ramsey is trying to say, he's making sure his human is listening to him. With her laughter as a reward when he talks, you can be sure he'll have lots to say in the future.
Do you have a talkative pup? Have you ever tried to teach him to say a word? How successful were you? Share this delightful video with your friends and post pictures of your own canine conversationalist!
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