Dog gets impatient to wait for master to return, takes matters into his own hands

On a chilly Pennsylvania day in November, Melissa Bailey decided to go to the grocery store. As she sat in her car, another car pulled into the parking lot carrying a man and his four Airedale Terriers. She commented to the man that the dogs looked happy. He smiled and walked away.
He had no sooner gotten in the store than one of the dogs sat in the driver's seat and began honking the horn.
After one l-o-n-g blast on the horn, another car pulled into the lot with a man driving. The dogs looked briefly his way and then went back to looking for their master. It was almost as if they were thinking that just maybe the man was their dad.
One of the younger dogs stuck his nose out the window, sniffing to see if he could catch a whiff of his dad.
As the new arrival exited his car, the dog in the driver's seat let out another honk, this time a short one. As Melissa watched this whole thing transpire, the man looked at her as though she were the one who had honked the horn.
"It wasn't me!" she laughed. "It was the dog!" As though he was embarrassed, the little dog in the backseat sank down in the seat. "I thought it was a man in a dog suit," said the newcomer. Together, he and Melissa laughed at the sight of dogs impatiently waiting for their human to return.
Watch the video and you'll understand their laughter. Chances are, you'll find it just as amusing as they did. Then share the video on Facebook so your friends can start their day with a giggle, too!
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