Cats were drenched and left behind by the flood. Here's their heroic rescue

Animals may not have the ability to speak, but sometimes, all you need to do is look in their eyes to know how they feel. A collection of cats who were left behind after Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc in Southeast Texas were bravely rescued by many good Samaritans.
Each cat was drenched due to the endless rainfall that Harvey brought upon them. As the rescuers bring the cats to a safe area, you get a good look at each one and their disheveled appearance.
ABC News
Among the many 'meows' that are heard, you just feel the vulnerability of each cat as they desperately look around in hopes of recognizing something, or someone, that looks familiar. Your heart aches for them, but at the same time, you feel relief and jow that they are now somewhere safe.
ABC News
As those who helped rescue these cats pulled them to safety, the focus on one particular cat comes to attention. This gray and white beauty is not only meowing away, but also stretching its paw in a manner that pulls at your heartstrings in a good way.
You get the sense of gratitude in its movements; Its outstretched paw and meaningful look to its rescuers prove its deep sense of thanks in coming to save them. The look of this cat speaks volumes, and in that moment, you understand what is being translated without any words being said, "Thank you for everything."
ABC News
These felines were given a second chance at life and love, and ultimately prove that cats truly do have nine lives in this world.
For the whole video on this daring rescue, check it out below. Feel free to share this video to help shed light on the amazing rescues that took place to save our furry friends after Hurricane Harvey.
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