Family was just playing fetch with their dog by the lake. Now, they are warning others

How can such a simple act end in a tragedy? When one family spent a delightful afternoon at the local lake for a family party, they never thought such a terrible event would follow it.
After playing fetch in and out of the lake, the family's two-year-old Schnauzer named, Hanz, died unexpectedly. He had started showing signs of lethargy after tirelessly playing with his beloved family. Hanz was estimated to have gone in and out of the water at least twenty times that day, which is what probably lead to his unfortunate death.
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Experts believe that Hanz died of water intoxication or a condition called hyponatremia. This condition is a result of swallowing too much water, leading to swelling and eventual brain damage.
Hanz's family is truly heartbroken over the loss of their dog, especially because it could have been prevented. They are now making efforts in warning other families about water intoxication in pets, and how to take proper action from letting it happen in the first place.
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To help raise awareness on water intoxication, please share Hanz's story to others so that another unfortunate tragedy can be prevented.

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