Senior dog was dropped off in plastic bag. See where she is now

Blackie's fate was sealed. The 10-year old Corgi mix was being surrendered to the Carson Animal Shelter in California by her owners. As they brought Blackie into the shelter, staff were horrified by what they saw: Blackie was wrapped up in a large black garbage bag, and her owners had put her in it.
The elderly dog had a bleeding tumor on her tail, and her owners didn't want her to bleed all over their car as they drove her to the shelter. So they tossed her into a garbage bag before dumping her at the shelter doors. Blackie's owners didn't want to pay for a large veterinary bill to have the tumor removed. Instead, they decided to abandon Blackie altogether.
But Blackie's luck was about to change. The Frosted Faces Foundation, a rescue that rehabilitates and finds new homes for senior dogs and cats, was notified about Blackie. They picked her up from the shelter and brought her to their rescue.
There Blackie was bathed and pampered, and through the whole process, she was gentle and kind with everyone she encountered, despite the cruelty of her former owners.
"She is eager to please, curious and quickly finds her human's side in times of uncertainty," said Kelly Smíšek, executive director of the Frosted Faces Foundation. "But you can tell that her love has not been reciprocated for a long time."
Blackie reveled in the attention she was given by the FFF's volunteer staff. However, her tumor pained her during her cleaning. "She would correct us with her mouth when we tried to touch it while bathing her," Smíšek said.
After some time with FFF, Black underwent surgery to remove the tumor on her tail. She also earned a new name --- Betty --- and is enjoying life in a foster home while she waits for a forever home to come calling. The FFF is currently processing adoption applications for Betty, but they don't expect it to take long to find the right match.
"She is a loyal dog and will find a deserving family quickly - I am sure of it," Smíšek said.
Until that time, Betty is in the loving and capable hands of her foster owners and the volunteers at the FFF.
Want to help Betty and other senior pets in need? Donate to the FFF to make their golden years healthy and bright.

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