Shelter dog was taking a nap like any other day, finally gets adopted

For Drove, a 5-year-old Terrier mix, it was a day like any other one. For six months he had been in a shelter, hoping someone would fall in love with him, adopt him and give him a forever home. But for six months, no one did.
So Drove, a sweet dog and a favorite amongst the shelter volunteers, curled up to take his daily nap on his large bed, not realizing that this was the day his life would change forever.
Drove found himself at the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby after a Memphis animal control officer found the dog tied up and left to die in an abandoned house. The terrier mix's gentle, loving personality quickly stole the hearts of the humane society's volunteers and staff.
"One of my favorite things about him is how, if you're sitting there petting him and you stop, he'll nudge your hand to get you to keep petting him," said Katie Pemberton, marketing and communications manager at the humane society. "He was definitely a favorite around here, and everyone knew him as a really easy, laid-back dog. Very gentle and sweet."
But despite Drove's perfect personality, no one came to adopt him for six months. Then, a young couple showed up at the shelter and changed Drove's life.
Morgan and Tyler Hoog had recently lost their 13-year-old boxer, and they found that they missed having a dog's presence in their home. So they decided to go to the shelter and adopt a dog who fit their family's needs.
"We were explaining to the front desk that we wanted a dog that would be our best friend and hang out with us all the time," Morgan Hoog said. "We wanted a sweet dog that could be around children. All the humane society employees said that we needed Drove."
And they were right! One look at Drove and the Hoogs knew he was the right dog for them. Morgan Hoog was overwhelmed with happiness when the shelter approved them for adoption. "When I received the call that we could adopt him, I was so happy I was holding back tears," she said.
So what began as just another day for Drove had a different, happier ending this time around. Drove was awakened from his afternoon nap by one of the volunteers, put on a leash and brought out from his kennel. Confused, Drove looked around and then he saw the Hoogs. Right away, Drove remembered them and greeted them with lots of tail wags!
Drove, who has since been renamed Samson (Sammy for short) has had an easy time adjusting to his new home and his new, loving owners. "We wanted a dog that had previously had a hard life, because we wanted to shower the dog with love," Megan Hoog explained, and the newly christened Samson is getting all the love that he deserves.
Although he was timid the first day or two, Samson has since made his new home his own. "Since the first night we brought him home, he hates to leave our side," Morgan Hoog said. "If my husband or I get up to grab some water, or leave the room for a second, he follows us to make sure we are not leaving."
Don't worry, Samso.! Your loving owners will make sure that you are never abandoned again. Please share his beautiful adoption story with your family and friends on Facebook.