Pitbull was tied to a tree and left for dead. Despite this, she was still protecting a secret

Abandoned and tied to a tree, a starving Pit Bull was in need of help. Left behind in a Greek village near Nafplion, the dog had to survive through Greece's wild weather, from raging, torrential rains to scorching hot days. Neighbors nearby who knew of the dog would not go near her because of the unfair reputation about her breed.
Finally, a local rescue took steps to approach the dog and free her, only to find that this dog had been hiding a precious secret the whole time: a litter of puppies!
Named Sarah by her rescuers, the Pit Bull had gotten pregnant and was tied to a tree and left to die. Instead, Sarah gave birth to her puppies all on her own, without any access to water or food or shelter. Despite her spatial limitations, Sarah took the best care of her five babies that she could, and kept them all alive for ten days before the rescuers found her.
Sadly, despite Sarah and the rescuers' best efforts, the smallest of the puppies died. The rest of the family was taken in by one of the rescue's volunteers, Linda, and quickly adjusted to a clean living area with regular food, care, and attention.
Sarah's remaining puppies continue to grow strong. She is slowly learning to trust Linda and the other volunteers who work with her. The puppies have just recently opened their eyes, and in a month's time, they will all be looking for some forever homes. Sarah will be spayed before she is adopted out.
We salute the brave rescuers who not only removed Sarah and her puppies from this bleak situation but who also gave them a chance to recover, heal, and trust people again.

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