Newly adopted dog wouldn't stop growling. New owner makes a terrifying discovery

No one seemed to know why Kailey was at the shelter, but one thing was clear: She was hard to place. Skinny and riddled with heartworms, Kailey came to the shelter in poor shape. But worse than her physical problems was a psychological problem that kept her there for over a year. Kailey didn't like to be touched by people she didn't know.
The staff and volunteers at the shelter in DeKalb County, Georgia, were despairing of ever placing her, and her D-day was fast approaching. In fact, she was scheduled to be euthanized when Jacqueline Berlin and Keith Santer-Perham became her foster parents.
At only 3 years old, the shepherd mix had a lot of years ahead of her — but only if she could find a new home. That's when Suzy Chandler stepped in.
Chandler saw something special in Kailey and knew she needed to share her life. And Kailey took to her new owner right away.
Then something very strange happened. One day, Kailey was agitated. She wouldn't quit barking and growling. Chandler didn't know what was wrong.
Finally, she took Kailey outside, and that's when the discovery happened. Kailey practically dragged her owner around to the side of the house and showed her a leaking gas line. Immediately, Chandler called 911. The county responded, and not only was the line fixed, but air quality checks were performed at a nearby apartment complex where many children lived.
What might have happened could have been catastrophic. Fortunately for the people who live around Chandler's house, Kailey was there.
Chandler hopes that Kailey's story encourages other people to adopt dogs that may need extra care. Like Kailey, they may someday be heroes. Share Kailey's story in hopes of inspiring someone to give a rescue dog a forever home.
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