These employees get paid by their employer to take home rescue cats

Imagine working in an office environment that is lacking in stress, chaos, employee infighting and backstabbing, but is full of calm, congeniality, friendliness, and...cats.
Yes, cats! The Ferray Corporation, an IT company located in Tokyo, Japan, has achieved maximum productivity amongst its employees by creating a relaxing, stress-free offices where everyone loves their managers, who happen to be four-legged purring machines.
Even better, all the cats who live at the company's offices are all rescue cats that the company has adopted. ​
Additionally, to encourage their employees to get involved with animal rescue and adoption, Ferray Corporation pays their workers a bonus of 5,000 yen ($45USD) for each cat they save!
Tokyo has long been known for unhealthy levels of workaholism which has sadly resulted in health issues for some people. Other individuals couldn't work more than 80 hours a week without it impacting their mental health, and some workers choose suicide as an escape.
That's why the manner in which Ferray Corporation creates a low-stress, employee-focused environment matters so much. Combine that with a love for cats and a desire to help them find permanent, loving homes, and it seems to be a perfect place to work.
The nine rescued cats at Ferray are free to roam wherever they choose in their offices. The company has noted that its employees report that the cats have had a positive effect on their attitudes and productivity since the first company cat was brought in the office doors.
While employee communication and interaction have improved drastically, the real winners are the cats who run the office, going from conference room to conference room, keyboard to monitor, and copy machines to projectors.
This company sounds like the "purrfect" place to work! Congratulations to the Ferray Corporation for combining their employees' well-being with cats who need a safe, forever home. Share the story of this company and their office cats with your friends and family on Facebook.

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