This cafe is open round the clock so that stray dogs will always have a place to go

On the island of Lesbos, Greece, in the capitol city of Mytilene, there is a unique café that caters to—wait for it!—stray dogs! Niki Belissary owns Hott Spott Café, where the doors close to customers at 3:00am. But not all the patrons leave then. In fact, the restaurant is open 24/7 for her favorite ones, the stray dogs of the city.
Greece has a large problem with stray dogs, due in part to the current economic hardship. But that doesn't stop people from wanting to help the less fortunate.
It's been said that when times get tough, the tough get going. Belissary believes that the times have brought out the best in Greek citizens who are doing more to help those who are less fortunate.
Many people are helping the poor, destitute, and homeless. Belissary helps stray dogs. Although her café has been there for 26 years, it's only recently that she has opened the doors to dogs.
Her patrons are interested in helping with the many issues the community is dealing with. Her own call is to the dogs who roam the streets in her city. And the local community has rallied, too.
The locals take turns feeding and housing the stray dogs. Like shared ownership, the dogs are being cared for by many people.
Belissary hopes that their attitude of kindness to all affects change in others, too. Since most Greeks cannot provide shelter to homeless animals, they've banded together to take care of the dogs. The result is a healthier and cleaner existence for the pups, and happier hearts for those who help care for them.
Share this video with your friends on Facebook, and then have a discussion about how you can help in your own community. Volunteering at a local shelter or becoming a foster home for a rescue group can make a big change in the lives of abandoned or stray animals. Tell us in the comments how you help in your neighborhood.

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