This kitty with "vampire fangs" was rescued from the street. Just look at him now

With Halloween around the corner, if you ran into this kitty on the street, you might think you'd run into a real vampire. But Monkey (aka Monk) is just a kitten with long, long fangs!
Nicole Rienzie was in her mom's car on the way home when a black kitten darted across the street in front of the car. Fortunately, they were able to stop. Nicole got out and coaxed the little kitten to her.
"He was covered in filth, bugs and very malnourished. His eyes were infected shut," she said of the emaciated cat.
Originally intending to rehome him, Nicole soon fell victim to his "vampurr" charms and decided to keep him. And then his fangs began to grow.
Nicole decided he couldn't be a real vampire, because he loves to lie around in the sunshine.
The vet said although unusual, it is not unheard of to develop teeth like Monk's.
Monk loves to play. In fact, his wild side is one of the things that made Nicole fall in love with him. Also, he'll let her dress him up in costumes. Here he is, dressed as a spider-monkey (get it?)!
Because of the wicked-looking fangs, Monk has garnered tens of thousands of fans on Instagram. His unusual looks draw a crowd everywhere he goes.
After awhile, Nicole adopted another black kitten, and the two cats have become the best of friends. Bean, the new cat, is a brother from another mother to Monk, and they are now inseparable.
Monk lucked out, and so did Bean. The future could have turned out much differently for both cats, but due to Nicole's TLC and cattitude about strays, they have a furever home.
What do you think? Is Monk's unique smile worth following on Instagram? Tens of thousands of people think so, and I do, too. Share his story with your friends, and then tell us what you think in the comments!
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