Hilarious video shows adorable golden retriever that just refuses to leave the pet store

This dog has his very own Instagram page. The title says: "Living the Golden Life," followed by this: Rufio the Golden Retriever Chicago | World Traveler | Certified Therapy Dog |. Apparently, Rufio has travelled a bit and has helped many people with his delightful personality and beauty.
Therapy dogs visit people such as children in hospitals and residents in assisted living facilities. They also have jobs like guiding the blind or helping our vets deal with PTSD. They're valuable for so many reasons. So what do they like to do on their off time? Rufio likes a little retail therapy himself!
An outing to a pet store is just what he likes to do. Getting him there is no problem at all. He's all for it. Not so when it's time to leave, though.
He simply lies down and refuses to leave. He's not ready to end the party.
When dragging him by the leash doesn't work, he rolls over, determined to stay.
He even rolls onto his back and begs to stay awhile longer. After all, he deserves the time off, right?
He obviously can't be a hero all the time. Even Captain America takes time off occasionally.
Rufio and dogs like him are the unsung heroes to people who need the affection of a dog. His attention to hurting or ailing people means the world to them, and he absolutely loves his job.
Watch the video as they try to convince Rufio to leave the pet store. He's hysterical as he makes his will known. What do you think? Should he get his way and be allowed to stay longer? Share this video on Facebook and maybe you can start a petition to let Rufio have more time off in his favorite spot—the pet store!

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