Student pleaded with professor to allow her to bring her dog to class because of the hurricane

You all know how violent this hurricane season has been, so it won't surprise anyone at all that this college student, Jessica Lewis, decided to evacuate her town and drive to Atlanta where her family lived before Irma hit.
And no one will think it strange when she decided to take her dog, Luna, with her. Just two problems blocked her plans. She had one more class to attend and she needed to take Luna with her so she didn't have to go back to her apartment for the dog after the class.
So what would you do? She had the perfect plan. She'd just text her professor and hope against hope that he would allow her to bring Luna to class. Her text told the professor he'd be cool if he let her come, especially because Luna was so well behaved. She attached photos of Luna in hopes that her beautiful face would sway the professor.
The professor responded to Lewis' text by asking if she thought he would say yes just because Lewis suggested it would make him cool. Not so, he said.
What would sway him turned out to be the pictures of Luna. "What will work is that she's obviously a good girl so of course you can bring her," he responded. Lewis was so grateful, because it meant she and Luna could attend the class and still get out before Irma arrived.
Luna's visit was well received by the entire class, including the professor, who turned out to be a dog lover just like Lewis.
After making friends with everyone in the class and hysterically
"answering" the professor's questions with a whine, Lewis and Luna got on the road, well ahead of the hurricane. In our opinion, the prof is a great guy. In fact, I'd say he is, indeed, cool!
Share this story with your friends. Have any of you ever taken a pet to class with you? If so, was it a Jessica Lewis experience or one more like Mary and her lamb? Tell us what you think in the comments!
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