Out of all the animals in the shelter, this boy picked a cat nobody else wanted

Two older cats, one male, and one female were surrendered to the Exploits Valley SPCA in Newfoundland, Canada, by their owner due to unfortunate circumstances. The shelter went into overdrive trying to find new homes for the cats right away, knowing how much more difficult it can be for older cats to get adopted.
Luckily, neither cat was bonded to each other so both could be adopted out to separate families. But what made the situation even more difficult was one of the cats, ironically named Tiny, who was ten-years-old and overweight. Because he wasn't precisely "adoption material." It can be especially difficult for older cats to adapt to new homes, so things looked bleak for Tiny.
The shelter described Tiny on their Facebook page: “Tiny isn’t a picky eater, but is ‘weight challenged’ and has a big round belly that he loves to have rubbed.”
Suddenly, Easton came into Tiny's life. Easton is a young boy whose mother told him he could pick a pet to adopt, either a dog or a cat. Easton went online to the Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables Facebook page, saw Tiny's picture, and decided that Tiny was the cat for him!
Easton and his mom went to the shelter to meet Tiny, and the two immediately bonded. Despite the fact that the shelter described Tiny as shy, he was far from it when he saw Easton.
On the way home from the shelter, Easton let Tiny out of his carrier, and the large senior cat came right over to the boy, sat in his lap, and snuggled with him. Tiny was so thankful to be going to a forever home with a best friend who loves him!
Easton's mom reports that Tiny and Easton have only grown closer during their first months together. "Easton loved Tiny because Tiny loved him. He was never withdrawn around him from the second he saw him," she said.
We hope that Easton and Tiny have many years of purrs and fun in their future. Share this sweet story with your family and friends on Facebook.