Cat's paws were frozen in ice but thankfully this couple came to its rescue

Siberian city Zlatoust, in northern Russia, which is in the area that was affected by the Chelyabinsk Meteor in 2012, is one of the coldest places in the world. The winter of 2016-17 was particularly harsh, so local resident Sergey Baranov wasn't surprised to find a cat hiding under his car, seeking warmth from the engine. But he was surprised to find it couldn't move. Its four paws were frozen into the ice.
The temperature had fallen as low as minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 35 degrees Celsius) in the night and the poor cat was even covered in a layer of ice. It was a miracle it still lived.
Baranov and his wife Yelena quickly set about rescuing the shivering, distressed, long-haired gray tiger. They used seven buckets of warm water to loosen its paws, then quickly wrapped it in a blanket and brought it inside.
The cat never once struggled or even made a sound, as if it knew it was being rescued.
The couple brought in a vet, who quickly determined they had an older male kitten of seven to nine months. By the end of the day, he was able to start walking. Three days later, they were able to find a home for him.
According to his new owner, the cat (now named Semyon) runs and jumps with no difficulty, and is very cuddly. He is strictly an indoor cat. No more cold winters for him!
Baranov used media coverage of the incident to warn people always to look under their cars before starting them and driving off. You never who might be under there, needing help.
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