Meet the kitty that not only captured a man's skateboard but also his heart

Margot is a skateboarding cat from New Jersey. She was just a gray tiger kitten when she approached skateboarder Casey Shaw at the end of October 2015. Margot was hungry, cold and sick. She needed a friend, so she took a chance on Casey and approached him, mewing.
Fortunately, Casey loved animals and knew how to help. He scooped the kitten up and put her in a crate he had in his car. Then it was off to the vet, where she was diagnosed with an eye condition, an upper respiratory infection, and mites, all common ailments in an orphaned kitten. None would likely be fatal on their own, but they all run down a kitten's health and make it susceptible to other things.
The vet also confirmed that she was only five weeks old. Though she had been weaned, she had left her mother too young. She still engages in nursing behavior on blankets and people. She also likes to be carried like a baby and will climb into Casey's bag whenever he tries to go somewhere.
Or the dryer when it's open and warm.
Margot quickly recovered and grew into a healthy, loving kitten. She became very attached to Casey and his girlfriend Julie Lang. Casey has said he worries about what might have happened to her if he had not found her when he did.
Casey soon discovered they had something in common. Margot decided that his skateboard was a great toy. She soon taught herself how to ride on it.
Skateboards aren't the only toys Margot has learned to use, with the help of her humans.
She also is learning to drive.
And she has acquired a younger sister, Eleanor, who also likes skateboards.
Margot has grown into a beautiful cat. Seems she picked the right human that day.

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