Rescue dog is terrified until the moment he received a hug in a video that will melt your heart

With the proliferation of animals on the streets in every major city, the problem of what to do with them screams aloud. Unfortunately, not all "shelters" are places of safety. In fact, for some animals, the "rescue" can be the last stop in their lives. Such was to be the fate of Edie, a Maltese mix who was scheduled to be euthanized.
Then something amazing happened. Eldad Hagar and his team at Hope for Paws got a desperate call for help. Little Edie had only one hour to be saved.
When he arrived at the vet clinic to take a look at her, they had to dismantle the shipping crate and take the top off to reach her because she would not let anyone put their hands in the crate to get her out. She was terrified.
And that terror was the reason Edie was on death row. In all probability, the 10-pound dog had been abused so badly that she didn't trust any human at all. She was afraid of the mere sight of a human.
Eldad needed to get a leash on her, but had to somehow do it without approaching the terrified dog. His slow, non-threatening movements still petrified her, and it took a few tries before he finally got the leash on her.
Eldad didn't give up. Once he got the leash on her, he dragged her to him and took her in his lap. That's when the magic first happened.
Whether she was too frightened to move or because his hands were gentle, Edie quickly calmed down and began to enjoy the petting.
Submitting to Eldad's compassionate hands and soft voice, pretty soon she was willing to lie down and have her tummy scratched. That's when her rescuer could get a good look at how badly matted her coat was.
Next stop: the groomer's.
Apparently, some time in the past, Edie had learned to stand to be groomed. There she stood, and astonishingly, she started wagging her tail!
Once all the matted, filthy hair was off, it was time for a bath. The groomer had shaved all her hair off, taking her down to her underwear. But Edie didn't seem to mind. In fact, she seemed pretty happy!
Edie was one of the lucky ones. An hour later would have been too late. Eldad and the volunteers at Hope for Paws want to remind you that oftentimes, when an animal seems unapproachable and beyond help, all it really takes is a genuine hug. This time, the little Maltese was saved. But each year 1.5 million animals are euthanized because no one came to rescue them in time.
What about you? Are you thinking about getting a new pet? Please check the shelters first. There are many dogs and cats just like Edie who are living on borrowed time. Share this video with everyone you know, and encourage conversation about this sad state of affairs. If you can't bring a pet home, can you volunteer to help out either at the shelter or with a rescue group? If we all work together, we can make sure dogs like Edie are given the chance to live a happy life.
Give this heart-warming video a watch.
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