Senior cats who were given up to a shelter end up finding their fur-ever home together

Thinking about adopting a cat or two? You are to be commended for that decision. Want a few more stars in your crown? Opt to adopt senior cats!
Senior cats are among the first to be euthanized because it is so hard to find them homes. People usually decide to take a kitten or young cat home, while the older cats languish in shelters everywhere.
Sometimes people want the challenge of raising a boisterous bundle of fur and think that the kitten will live longer than an older cat. While that may be true in some cases, these two senior cats together has lived almost half a century!
Both cats were surrendered to a shelter by their previous owner, who presented vet records confirming they were, indeed, 24 and 21 years old. Because the owner didn't give their names, the shelter dubbed them Boy (the one with the white trim is 24) and Girl (the solid grey cat is 21).
Girl's coat was matted and filthy, so the shelter decided the best way to deal with it was to shave her and let her grow a new coat.
Both cats were in good health, but overweight. There is certainly nothing wrong with their appetites!
There are some very good reasons to adopt senior cats, according to Arnold Plotnick, who operates Manhattan Cat Specialists. He lists five reasons.
1. What you see is what you get. If the cat is sweet in the shelter, she'll be sweet at home. An older cat comes with fewer surprises.
2. They generally don't deviate in size or appetite. You'll know exactly how much to feed and how much litter to buy.
3. They probably won't interrupt your sleep. Kitten are full of energy and love to play in the middle of the night. Older cats would rather sleep and are much calmer.
4. You don't have to worry as much. Kittens are so curious and often ingest things they shouldn't, like string. They are also more prone to trauma as the leap from place to place. Older cats don't provide those kinds of worries.
5. Your adoption of an older cat frees up space for other cats who need homes, too. And, of course, you'll be saving a life.
Boy and Girl were taken to a new place to live with Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League. Someone may adopt them from there, but if not, they will have a forever home right where they are, thanks to Poplin. They are still trying to come up with better names, though, and would be glad to hear from you if you have an idea.
Were you surprised to hear that these cats are in their twenties? I know I was! Share their story on Facebook with your friends. Perhaps it will motivate you or your friends to consider adopting an older cat who will give you unconditional love and warm, purring friendship. What could be better than that?

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