Huskies save kitten when she was just 3 weeks old and now she's part of the pack

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Well, this story is about a dog who is a cat person. Lilo the Huskey (in the middle) is part of a pack of three Huskies who have taken in a kitten named Rosie. What follows is their amazing story.
Rosie was only three weeks old when she was discovered as a stray. Her tiny body was so sick, and little hope was held for her minuscule life. She very nearly didn't make it through the first night.
So her rescuers decided to try something a bit on the risky side: they let her cuddle up with Lilo, one of their Huskies. Lilo has never had puppies and never will, but she definitely had a "mom calling" on her life.
Lilo immediately began to care for little Rosie, letting her suckle and stimulating her to eliminate. Without Lilo's help, the kitten's survival was doubtful.
Lilo was happy to have the kitten and seemed to think Rosie was a puppy. Rosie was pretty sure she was a puppy.​
As Rosie grew, she did everything the Husky pack did, accompanying them on walks and all their adventures.
One interesting thing is that Rosie bonded with Lilo, the only Husky in the pack who doesn't have blue eyes. Her eyes are the exact same shade as Rosie's! Could it be in the genes?
Rosie knew where her safety was and Lilo was exceptionally protective of her little friend.
Wherever you find Lilo, you'll also find Rosie. Once they even went kayaking together!
Although Rosie accompanies the Huskies on their walks, it would be too hard for the kitten to keep up on a bicycle ride. But that didn't mean she would be left behind! No way!
Now that Rosie is no longer a kitten, but a full-grown cat, she still likes to cuddle with Lilo. The Husky has no desire to "kick her out of the nest," either, content with Rosie snuggled up to her.
Watch this video as Rosie—then only about four months old—goes for a walk on a leash with the pack. Who says you can't walk a cat on a leash? Do you know any unusual alliances between animals of different species? Share them with us in the comments, and share the video with your friends!​

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