Little boy is honored after staying by the side of a shivering stray dog until help arrived

Driven from his home in Syria, eight-year-old Hüseyin el-Hasan and his family fled to Turkey where they live as refugees. Hüseyin has seen more than any child ever should, but despite his exposure to fear and violence, his heart is still filled with compassion for those in need.
Recently in Kilis, Hüseyin spotted a dog lying in the median strip of a road. The dog had been struck by a car and was alone and in pain. The young boy went over to the dog and realized she needed help. He ran back home to give her the only aid he could think of at that moment: a blanket.
Hüseyin brought the blanket to the dog and wrapped her shivering body with it. Then he patiently gave her comfort as he waited for authorities to arrive to help.
Finally, animal control came and helped Hüseyin's four-legged friend to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, the dog's injuries were too extensive, and she passed away shortly after arriving at the animal hospital. Even though her death is sad, at least she had the comfort and love of this boy to help her in her last moments of life.
Hüseyin was heartbroken to learn of the dog's death. But his compassionate efforts did not go unnoticed by his adoptive city. Cuma Özdemir, the deputy mayor of Kilis, came to Hüseyin's home to honor the boy for helping a soul in need. The mayor noted during the ceremony that Hüseyin's actions represented the best of humanity.
Hüseyin was presented with new blankets to replace the one that he had given away to comfort the dog. We celebrate the selfless love and care that this young boy had for an injured, dying animal. Hopefully, Hüseyin will continue to help animals throughout his life.
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