Little girl bursts into tears for the sweetest reason when mother brings black kitten home

Marley Frost was nine in early 2017 when her mother gave her a little black kitten. She put it in a hamper for Marley to find as a special surprise when she got home.
Well, Marley was surprised, all right – she burst into tears!
Why was Marley's reaction so extreme? It turns out that her beloved cat Simon had died the year before and the new kitten was the spitting image of him. Marley, who loves animals, had been asking for a new kitten to replace Simon in her heart, but the timing of the new arrival was a total shock.
According to Marley's mother Nikki, the original plan did not involve getting a new kitten. The family already had two cats, two dogs and a guinea pig, after Simon, and that seemed enough.
But then the kitten, Ella, came along. She and her sibling had been found under a porch, having either lost their mother to a car or been abandoned. When Nikki met Ella after Ella was weaned, it just seemed right to bring the new baby home and fulfill her daughter's heartfelt wish.
As soon as she entered her room, Marley heard the kitten squeaking and knew what she'd find.
When Nikki asked her daughter if she was happy to meet Ella, Marley assured her, even through her tears, that she was ecstatic and thanked her mother. Since then, Ella had grown into a beautiful cat and they are fast friends.
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