Man who rescued puppy that was nailed to train tracks shares their story

Humans can be cruel. Poor Hudson, a pit bull puppy, and his two sisters found this out the hard way. A railway worker found them on Sept. 8, 2012, in Albany, NY. They had been nailed to a set of train tracks by their paws and left to die.
When the puppies arrived at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY, they were in bad shape: sick, thirsty and starving. One of Hudson's sisters died soon after their rescue. Hudson and his surviving sibling faced an uphill battle that included, in Hudson's case, having one of his back paws amputated whereas his sister Pearl lost two toes.
It takes a sick individual to treat puppies this way, and unfortunately, Hudson and his sisters' abuser was never caught. But fortunately, Hudson and Pearl did recover and were eventually adopted. Hudson went to the Nashes, and Pearl went to another family. They still share play dates.​
Hudson's daddy, Richard Nash, noticed that Hudson had nightmares and trouble getting around, so the brave pup was fitted with a new prosthesis. After an adjustment period, Hudson was able to jump around and play just like any normal dog.
The most remarkable thing is that in 2015 Hudson was able to get Good Citizen training so that he and his new sister, Sami, can become therapy dogs. Hudson, the dog who was nearly run over by a train and thrown out like trash, now helps human amputee patients.​
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