Woman finds two stray cats and quickly realizes that these aren't any ordinary strays

Everyone has heard of music miracle Stevie Wonder, right? Well, this is a story of a different kind of Stevie "wonder" but just as much a miracle as the blind singer. In fact, this Stevie is blind, too.
Meet twin kitties Stevie and Isaac, two ginger tabby kittens who are both blind yet are inspirational to their humans and their followers on Facebook. Their story begins with a kind lady who decided their eyesight wasn't nearly as important as what she called their "heart-sight."
A good Samaritan from Sydney, Australia, discovered two very young kittens, about three weeks old, wandering around in her backyard and started feeding them. Knowing they were too young to be on their own, she picked them up and found they both had a sobering eye condition.
After seeing the abnormalities in their eyes, the kind lady took them right to the vet. She was informed that the surgery they needed would be expensive, and, at first, she despaired. There was no money in her coffers for what these little guys needed.
She reached out to several different rescue organizations, but they all turned the kittens down, and she began to think it was hopeless. But then Inner City Strays stepped in. The organization bills itself as "a group of compassionate, passionate cat lovers who are making a difference to the lives of street cats." The organization took the kittens in and gave them the care they needed. That's when they got their names, Stevie and Isaac.
"Both boys have been born with deformed eyelids and a condition where the eyelashes turn inwards and rub on the pupils," said Diana Dammery of Inner City Strays. As a result, Stevie was completely blind and Isaac had only one "good" eye. The vets, fearful of infection, removed both of Stevie's eyes and one of Isaac's. Then they fashioned a new eyelid for Isaac's remaining eye.
The cats had learned to lean on each other, with Isaac's one good eye serving both kittens. (He can only see partially with that eye.) Any time Stevie got disoriented or confused, he cried out to Isaac. Like the loving brother he is, Isaac always came running.
These two desperately needed to stay together, so when a young couple met them and fell in love with the incredibly affectionate pair, they decided to take them home. "They are spoiled rotten, and their brotherly love is as strong as ever," their new owners said.
A year has now passed, and the cats, renamed Buddah and Mogwai, are securely established in their new lives. Their humans are totally over the moon with the brothers. "We love them so much," they reported. "We feel so lucky to have found them. They are so beautiful and bring us endless love. We had wanted cats for a long time but never would have thought that we would end up with cats this perfect."
No one who meets the cats for the first time ever believes they're blind. Buddah and Mogwai play together like any normal cats.
Theirs is a story of survival and brotherly love. It is a heartwarming tale that will make you smile and be grateful to the people involved in their rescue as well as the couple who took them in. It's a miracle that has all the hallmarks of a legend.
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