Kitty with bent front legs is more kangaroo than kitty. See what she looks like now

What would you do if a kitten among a litter your cat had couldn't walk because its front legs wouldn't hold weight? The person who owned this tiny kitten decided she was too broken to ever be fixed. She decided the kitten should be euthanized. It was such a short life; just four weeks.
After the clinic took her in, they thought it was a shame that the little kitty would never have a chance at life, so a kind lady name Cheryl called Saving Grace Rescue in Northern California. Would they think about taking her? That's when the little kitten's life took a turn for the better.
Cheryl's opinion that this was a special kitty was so right. The baby weighed less than one pound but was bright, active and ready to take on challenges. She was born with a disabling condition called radial agenesis. This disorder causes something to go wrong with the growth of the radius bone in the arm. Since she was born with it, she didn't realize there was anything amiss.
She was heatbreakingly cute, hopping around on her back legs, so they called her Kanga Roo. Not much later, a lovely woman named Joyce heard Kanga's story and called, wanting to know if she could be adopted. Although it took a little while to get her up to two pounds so she could be spayed, eventually Joyce and her family brought Kanga Roo home.
Kanga didn't know that she was different than the other cats and dogs that lived with her in her new home. She could do everything the other cats could, including hopping in and out of her litter box.
One of the other cats, a tabby called Skittles, took her under her wing and taught her the ways of the household. Skittles was very protective of Kanga, and there was no small number of hugs, kisses and cuddles.
About the time Kanga turned one year old, they discovered something else really special about her. It turned out that her sweet nature and loving disposition made her a great surrogate mom for the other kittens that were taken in as fosters.
The first foster kitten, Hector, received all the love and cuddles Kanga had received from Skittles. Turned out her big sister was a pretty good teacher.
Kanga Roo's most recent baby is little grey and white Baby Alealani, who was also born with the same condition.
But Kanga knows all about how to get around and is there to teach little Alealani. In fact, these two special felines don't think they're disabled at all. And they aren't. Just differently abled.
Watch the video and then share it with your friends. Thanks to folks like those at Saving Grace Rescue and Joyce and her family, lives have been saved, and the joy those kittens bestow are worth it all.

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