14-year-old "son" and his dad share some incredible and beautiful moments in a touching video

Many people think of their pets as members of the family. In fact, in a recent survey, 64% of people surveyed said they'd rather spend an evening with their cat than their significant other! Now, I'm not saying that's true in this case, but the fact is, the relationship between this gorgeous Bengal cat and his human dad is really special.
Adopted as a 6-month-old kitten 14 years ago, the relationship between Mango Brown and Cat Dad has evolved into quite the mutual admiration society. Mango absolutely loves his dad, and even when Cat Dad shaved his beard off, the beautiful Bengal was as affectionate to him as ever.
It's interesting to note that the Bengal is a very intelligent and active cat breed. This means that Mango is a lot of fun to own. He is confident, talkative, and friendly, even to visitors who come to their home. Nothing escapes his notice. He loves playing games. If his clever paws, which he uses like hands, had opposable thumbs, he could probably subdue nations!
As it is, he is happy to be co-ruler of his own household. "Mango just radiates happiness," says Tiffany, his human Cat Mom. As these photos show, he is loved and appreciated by Cat Dad so much that when Cat Dad is home, they're never far apart.
Mango actually prefers giving kisses over getting petted. Cat Dad is happy to oblige. He likes getting those kitty smooches as much as Mango likes giving them.
In addition to being extremely talkative, Bengals have been known to turn light switches on and off, fish seals from drains, and grab CDs and DVDs from their players. Unlike most cat breeds, they are quite fond of water, even so far as joining their owners in the shower!
Sometimes, as all cat do, Mango likes to stretch out in the sun and take a nap—but only if his humans are close by. If they leave the area, he gets up and follows them to wherever they go. When strangers come to visit, Mango greets them with meows and kisses, too. He's just that kind of cat!
When Cat Mom and Cat Dad go on vacation, of course, Mango goes along. He enjoys traveling and adventures. "He is a calm traveler and loves staying in hotels," says Cat Mom Tiffany.
According to the humans who love him so much, he's like "a little human in a cat package, truly a once-in-a-lifetime magical cat." He's also incredibly beautiful, resembling his jungle cousins, but with an enchanting personality that can't be beat.
Watch the video below of the extraordinary rapport between members of two different species, human and feline. Do you have a special pet in your life, one with whom you'd rather be than most of the people you know? Tell us in the comments. We want to know!
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