Stray cat refuses to leave this man and he captured this lovable moment before taking her home

In September 2017, Connor Manning had no intention of adopting a cat, ever. He had just gone through a break-up and was allergic to cats, to boot. But as he was walking home from work in Los Angeles, a cute stray tabby cat had other ideas. She popped up on his route and began to follow him.
When Connor sat down, she hopped right in his lap. When he started to get up, she got nervous and scampered off, but soon came back. She eventually followed him home and came inside his apartment.
At first, Connor didn't think she would stay. After some sniffing around his place, she seemed only willing to hang out on the porch. ​
She disappeared for a while, but then she returned and meowed to come inside, this time for good.
Connor named her "Socks." After that, she seemed determined to make up for lost time becoming a lap cat. A trip to the vet soon got her a clean bill of health.
But the problem was Connor's own health. He was very allergic to cats and he suffered so much at first that he began, reluctantly, to look for another home for Socks. But then he began taking allergy medication that helped him get his allergies under control.​
This was fortunate, because Connor had become really attached to Socks and didn't want to give her up. He has since adopted her. Socks, for her part, has become a determined indoor kitty. No more street life for Socks!
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