Woman's home was destroyed in fire along with her lovable cat but then something incredible happened

When the Autumn winds start to blow and rain falls on California, some people make the mistake of thinking the fire season is over. They are sadly mistaken. Laura Ringenberger and her family found out first hand how bad the seasonal fires in the Golden State can be.
Emergency measures were put in place to save people's lives, including evacuation from the area where Ringenberger lived. Her beloved cat, Kitty Kitty Star, had gone outside before the evacuation was ordered, and look as hard as she could, she simply couldn't find the cat.
It had become a matter of life and death, and the family had to leave. Kitty Kitty Star would have to be left behind. Sorrowfully, they packed their car and headed to a safer place. All along, Ringenberger couldn't stop thinking about the beautiful calico.
Once the area was cleared for them to return, they drove back to their neighborhood—or what was left of it. Tears fell as Ringenberger surveyed what had been their home. It was completely gone, burned to the ground. Then she began to call her cat. After about twenty minutes of calling her name, she heard a familiar sounding meow.
"She came out about 20 minutes after we got there. I called for her for a while. Eventually, I heard her off in the distance, crying. It was really surreal," Ringenberger remembers. Picking her up—the only thing the fires didn't touch—and holding her close, she knew that after all was said and done, she was just grateful none of her family was hurt. And that family definitely included Kitty Kitty Star!
The whole family was just so grateful to find their little friend alive. The wondrous thing is not so much that the cat survived, but that she didn't run away from where the fire was. If she had, they probably never would have seen her again.
The Ringenbergers have found a temporary place to stay, which means that Kitty Kitty Star will once again be with the people she loves. They will rebuild their house and move back home once it is finished. Meanwhile, they're just glad to be together!
Have you ever had to leave a pet in a dire situation? As painful as it is, a reunion is a bittersweet ending to the tale. Share your experiences with us. If you had to evacuate for a fire, what one thing would you be sure to take with you?

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