Family was looking for a home for the stray kitty they found, but their cat had his own idea

The stray black and white kitten was wandering across a busy country road when Reddit user todontblink saw him. Fearing for the kitten's life, the man got out of his car to rescue the cat. He went from house to house to see if someone would claim the kitten as their pet, but to no avail. It turns out that there was one who did want to adopt the new guy — the man's cat back home!
Todontblink looked for the kitten's owners. "I tried knocking on the only door nearby and he wasn't theirs. (The kitty) has no chip, and no one on social media claimed him. Best I can guess is that someone's barn cat had kittens and they didn't really keep track, and this one wandered off," he explained. The man decided to bring the kitten back home to foster until he could find a permanent home for him. But his adult cat at home had other ideas.
At first, the kitten was scared in the new place and afraid to come out of hiding. Then his natural curiosity won out, and he began to check out his surroundings. "The kitten was a little shy the first day and kept hiding in the corners after a traumatic day but he came out when he figured out that he was safe," todontblink said.
Once the kitten emerged, the older orange and white cat saw an instant friend, and immediately took the kitten in as his own. He began to share his cat beds with the kitten, as well as groom and lick the newcomer. The two cats quickly bonded, and that's when todontblink realized that he might just have gotten himself another cat!
The little kitten has not only charmed the adult cat, ,he's also won over the rest of the family, including the dog. It looks like this tiny guy has found himself a loving home with lots of friends.
What a beautiful friendship there is between these two cats! Share their heartwarming story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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